Monday, May 10, 2010

No Project

THE REAL creativity of the times is at the antipodes of anything officially acknowledged to be 'art.' Art has become an integral part of contemporary society and a 'new' art can only exist as a supersession of contemporary society as a whole. It can only exist as the creation of new forms of activity. As such, ['new' art] has formed an integral part of every eruption of real revolt over the last decade. All have expressed the same furious and baffled will to live, to live every possible experience to the full — which, in the context of a society which suppresses life in all its forms, can only mean to construct experience and to construct it against the given order. To create immediate experience as purely hedonistic and experimental enjoyment of itself can be expressed by only one social form — the game — and it is the desire to play that all real revolt has asserted against the uniform passivity of this society of survival and the spectacle. [The Revolution of Modern Art and the Modern Art of Revolution - Timothy Clark, Christopher Gray, Donald Nicholson-Smith & Charles Radcliffe, unpublished text (1967)]

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